Electrification is happening now...

The transition to electrified vehicles is accelerating thanks to a mix of multiple factors that directly impact your mobility strategy:

  • Growing concern about air pollution and climate change
  • Increasing focus on corporate CO2 emission reduction objectives
  • Evolving legislation, regulation and attractive government incentive policies
  • Technology readiness and increased range capacity
  • A broad range of vehicles across all categories, including vans, with increasingly competitive pricing
  • Expanding charging infrastructure 

The world is changing as we know it and your fleet needs to change with it. Your challenge is to successfully make this transition for your company and our goal is to make it simple for you.

The future is already here 

As a first mover in  powertrain transition we truly believe that the future is electric and our goal is to make this transition simple and accessible thanks to our products, energy transition advisory support and expertise, targeted partnerships and all-inclusive EV offering. 

EV experience and expertise make the difference 

Making the switch to electric requires rethinking the way you operate. Constantly, we are reviewing internal processes, modifying business policies and procedures, acquiring new knowledge about the electric vehicle ecosystem, innovating our service offerings and onboarding new partners. 

Our goal has been to adapt change our business model to adapt to electric vehicles and facilitate adoption.

Getting your EV strategy right 

Each company is unique, and no mobility policy is the same. We provide tailored support across all aspects of the electric journey to adapt your mobility policy and help you manage the energy transition by addressing key aspects: 

  1. Identify the right powertrain for the right driver
  2. Set electrification objectives
  3. Provide an attractive electric vehicle offering
  4. Manage charging infrastructure requirements
  5. Boost electric vehicle adoption
  6. Monitor progress with EV data-metrics and fleet reporting 

Electrification doesn’t happen overnight, but you can get it right if you do your homework.


Switch on step by step

The powertrain transition is a complex process and represents the biggest challenge the automotive industry has had to face. As a fleet manager, you will inevitably be faced with the following questions:

  1. Why should I electrify my fleet?
  2. How do I electrify my fleet?
  3. How I do encourage EV adoption in my company?

To address the various aspects of electrification and troubleshoot some of the challenges that may arise, we regularly produce articles and dedicated Q&As to guide you in your journey.

1 Why should I electrify my fleet?


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2 How do I electrify my fleet?

Here are seven key reasons why making the shift towards eLCVs within your fleet is a good idea. Read more.

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3 How I do encourage EV adoption in my company?


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Mobility is changing.
The future of mobility is electric.