Summer tips for a relaxing holiday season

It's summer and if you have decided to go on vacation with your company car from ALD Automotive, we have drawn up some practical tips for you to have a comfortable trip and a relaxing holiday.

ALD Automotive stays connected with you even from a distance. If your vehicle is immobilized, you can contact us at +40 21 301 49 59  or you can call the 24-hour Assistance service at +40 31 405 8888 available in all European countries (except for Russia and Albania).


Getting your vehicle ready to go

  • Perform the revisions and make sure that the Periodic Technical Inspection (ITP) is within the time-limit;
  • Check the general condition of the car;
  • Make sure that you have summer tires, if not, please call us at +40 21 301 4959 to set up an appointment. 
  • Check the tire pressure. You may need a higher tire pressure if the car is loaded more than usual;
  • Take a medical kit, the fire extinguisher and 2 warning triangles with you. These are mandatory in Romania. Take into consideration, as well, the tire repair kit to be safe;
  • In case of fuel supplies outside th ecountry, you can use the ALD Automotive fuel card if your company’s policy allows you. Pay attention to the territorial coverage of the card: some are valid only on the territory of Romania, others also have international coverage. You will find this information on the fuel card.

Efficiently using the space in your car?

  • spatiu.pptxPlace heavy objects underneath the others, as close to the wheels as possible;
  • Do not put luggage inside the car because they can hit you in the event of an impact;
  • If possible, use an outer luggage compartment because it is safer and you will save fuel;
  • If you take your bicycle with you, we recommend you attach it to the rear part of the car and not above: using this method, you will reduce fuel consumption;
  • In case you prefer to fix it on the roof, mind the height limits of the tunnels you will be crossing

Keep in mind 

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  • Did you know? According to the National Sleep Foundation, 66% of adults admit driving drowsy and 33% have fallen asleep behind the wheel.
    Drowsy driving causes delayed reaction and negatively impacts your decision making ability. Tiredness can have similar effects on your body as drinking alcohol. Being awake for 18 hours straight makes you drive like you have a blood alcohol level of 0.05.
  • It is now evident that if you are using a mobile phone while driving you are approximately four times more likely to be involved in a crash than a driver who is not using a phone. Avoid being distracted by your mobile phone. In case you need to perform an urgent call, use a Bluetooth headset or pair your mobile phone with the car, if it allows it.
  • Wear sunglasses with special lens to protect your eyes from the strong sunlight;
  • Relax at each stop making some moves to stretch your back, neck, arms and legs.


Dashboard lights

Unforeseen issues may occur, but it's important to act calmly.

Red warning lights - Major malfunction! These lights warn you of serious defects that may lead to major problems. If you see a red warning light glowing, immediately move to the side of the road and turn your engine off.Contact road assistance: +4031405 8 888.

Orange warning lights (warning) - These lights come on in the event of less serious irregularities. It is advisable to get to the nearest service for check-ups. In case you drive a car from ALD Automotive please contact us at +40 21 301 49 59.

Travel dcouments

We are sure with these tips and recommendations, you will be well prepared for that lovely summer break. We wish you a fun and relaxing vacation on behalf of ALD Automotive. Enjoy your vacation, take care and stay safe!


Call Center
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Call Center
+40 21 301 49 59