ALD bluefleet

ALD bluefleet, our commitment for protecting the environment

Our responsibility is acting every day for improving the fleets of our customers, for the safety of ALD Automotive vehicle users and, of course, for limiting the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

We are actively involved and provide consultancy to all of our customers, so that their car policies have a positive impact on the environment. This way, the ALD bluefleet brand is formed activities such as:

  • Consultancy for a complete vehicle fleet diagnosis, in order to identify the areas that may be environmentally and economically optimised
  • Promoting hybrid or electric vehicles
  • Consultancy for choosing the fleet: “rightsizing” rather than “downsizing”, so that the customers choose the vehicle models from the same desired class, but with lower CO2 emissions
  • Ecological and defensive driving classes for the users of ALD Automotive vehicles
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