Non-stop road assistance

A reliable partner anytime, 24-7

With the non-stop road assistance service, you mobility is ensured every time. Whether you experience a technical malfunction, an accident or theft, a single phone call is enough. The phone number +40 31 405 8888 is available in Romania and Europe, except for the Russian Federation and Albany.

In either of the 3 aforementioned cases, you shall have at your disposal:

  • Repairs at the event site, depending on the malfunction type
  • Towing to the nearest repair shop
  • Returning the repaired vehicle to Romania
  • Towing the unrepaired vehicle from abroad
  • Troubleshooting in case of fuel-related issues

What are the options available to the driver?

  • The driver is provided with hotel accommodation in Romania or abroad
  • He/she receives a replacement vehicle, available from the moment the platform arrives
  • He/she is provided with means of transport for continuing the journey or returning to the domicile or office
  • He/she is provided with means of transport for recovering the vehicle repaired in Romania and abroad

What are the customer benefits?

  • Full mobility the drivers - 24/7
  • Non-stop coverage in Europe
  • The replacement vehicle is available without additional guarantees and may be used starting from the moment in which the immobilised vehicle is taken over by the support company
  • Vehicle drivers will not pay for anything on the spot
Call Center
+40 21 301 49 59