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We take time to investigate your needs and we find the right solution together. We analyze your fleet and we send you customized reports based on each client needs.

The fleet analysis is formed of:

  • The TCO analysis (total cost of ownership) is a specialised consultancy approach meant to identify and better manage the total cost of your fleet.

    The total cost of ownership includes the vehicle purchase price and all expenses generated by its use. TCO is an indicator that should represent an important factor in the decision to acquire a certainvehicle fleet. With the help of this analysis performed by ALD Automotive, the customers may observe all expenses involved and may take an informed decision in terms of choosing a vehicle. Thus, they may be convinced from the very beginning that they made the best choice and with correct market prices, not only at the moment of purchase, but during the entire agreement period.

    Once the TCO was computed, the cost per kilometre between vehicles, regions or entities may be compared and monitored. Actions such as raising awareness among vehicle users, improving the driving style and correctly choosing vehicles may immediately reduce the total cost of ownership.

  • Support for establishing the car policy – a cost control instrument for the use of company vehicles.

    The car policy contains the responsibilities of vehicle drivers, the conditions they must meet in order to the access said vehicles, the vehicle use limitations, rules concerning the technical checks, vehicle maintenance, rules in the event of accidents, use protocols, etc.

    In the case of companies that did not implement such policies, ALD Automotive conducts complex cost analyses for identifying the potential optimisation areas for the fleet costs. The results are then used to prepare the structure of the “Company car policy” document, starting from a customised vehicle selection, for each user category. All these actions lead to company budget savings.

    For the companies that already have such a document, ALD Automotive intervenes by means of its local and international experience, identifying the optimisation areas and counting on an important criterion: reducing the TCO.

  • Blue fleet - support and consultancy in implementing an environment-friendly fleet, by means of:

    • The full diagnosis of the vehicle fleet, for identifying the areas that may be environmentally and economically optimised (CO2 emissions, fuel consumption)
    • Consultancy for choosing the fleet: “rightsizing” rather than “downsizing”, so that the customers may choose vehicle models from the same desired class, but with lower CO2 emissions
    • Ecological and defensive driving classes for the drivers of ALD Automotive vehicles
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