The ALD Automotive services, a complete solution for your mobility

What services may be included in an operational leasing contract?

For us, at ALD Automotive, it is important that all of our customers benefit from services of the highest quality. It is important for you to have less concern related to the fleet management, to offer you a plus of mobility for you and the drivers of ALD Automotive vehicles, to have a full Customer Care experience with us and, of course, to help you save time and financial resources.

Delivery and registration
The right vehicle
for every driver
A vehicle always
in perfect running order
Door to door
A dedicated person
because time is valuable for you
Tire management
With us, you have a safe drive
regardless of the season
Always safe with a complete
insurance package
Fuel management
Always on the go
Pre-runner vehicle
Immediate mobility
Replacement vehicle
Permanent mobility
Non-stop road assistance
A reliable partner anytime, 24-7
Customer Care
Always available
for the drivers
Defensive and ecological driving classes
For a safer and more economical
driving style
Consultancy and reporting services
Your business consultant
  • We collaborate with a network of carefully selected suppliers that provide services for your vehicles, therefore your experience to be as simple as possible
  • The mobility brought by the services included in the operational leasing contract ensures the stability of our customers’ businesses and provides the vehicle drivers with a series of benefits as saving time and allowing them to focus on their main activity. 
  • We are in constant contact with you and the vehicle drivers, through our specialised teams that promptly answer to all of your requests. This way, we make sure that we are your partner during the entire journey with ALD Automotive.
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+40 21 301 49 59