Tips for an ecological driving behaviour

The Titi Aur Academy specialists recommend an ecological driving behavior. Through 6 simple measures you can reduce the costs, the fuel consumption and adopt an environment-friendly driving style:

  • Reduce speed in due time by operating the motor brake for turns or when overtaking. Results: fuel reduction, a lower wear level of tires, brake pads and the vehicle, in general.
  • Ensure the proper technical maintenance of the vehicle. Results: lower CO2 emissions, no oil leaks, a reduced fuel consumption and, therefore, a lower pollution level.
  • Check the tire pressure. Results: maintaining a higher pressure in the tires leads to a reduced fuel consumption.
  • Avoid transporting unnecessary objects with the vehicle. Results: each kg less means a reduced fuel consumption.
  • Avoid mounting a luggage carrier on the vehicle, except for the case in which you transport large objects. Results: the luggage carrier leads to an aerodynamic brake, which requires a greater fuel consumption.
  • Use the air-conditioning system only when it is very hot outside and when you do not have any windows open. Results: not using the air-conditioning leads to a lower fuel consumption.

Titi Aur Academy 

With a 15-year experience in defensive driving, Titi Aur is one of the best know trainers in this area and prepared over 25,000 students. Following the requests from multinational companies, in 1999, Titi Aur began organising defensive driving classes and, several years later, in 2007, he founded the Titi Aur Academy. Alongside his team of 12 instructors, the school prepared over 25,000 students in defensive driving techniques and tactics. All team members are current or former drivers and co-drivers, with experience in rally championships.

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