Defensive and ecological driving classes

The defensive and ecological driving improves the road safety of vehicle drivers and have an economic and responsible impact on the environment. This is why we have launched, for the users of ALD Automotive vehicles, a complete ecological and defensive driving program, in partnership with the Titi Aur Academy.

Discover our programs below and enjoy a safer, environmentally conscious and more economic driving style!

  • Defensive driving and introduction to the ecological driving, if you want a training focused on defensive driving and you wish to learn the main ecological driving principles
  • Ecological driving with defensive driving notions, in order to learn how to adopt an ecological driving style, as well as defensive driving notions
  • Ecological driving, a session of ecological driving only, with advice, recommendations and measures for said driving style

The innovative equipment and the support of the Titi Aur Academy team of instructors ensures a modern teaching environment.

What are the benefits of defensive and ecological driving programs?

  • Protect the environment by adopting a responsible behaviour towards the environment
  • Motivate your employees and increase their safety and that of the passengers by improving their driving behaviour
  • Reduce the number of accidents and the time allocated to settling them
  • Maintain a strong company image
  • Reduce the vehicle fleet costs:
    • Those related to accidents and vehicle damage
    • Optimise the fuel consumption
    • Reduce the number of days for the replacement vehicle
    • Avoid the unnecessary wear and tear of tires
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