ALD Carmarket platform

Always a happy end

Are you a used cars sales professional company or a self employed person who would like to buy our used cars?

ALD Carmarket is the online platform for the sale of used vehicles belonging to the ALD Automotive group.

The ALD Automotive vehicles returned at the end of the agreement may be purchased by companies on the ALD Carmarket

All the ALD Automotive used vehicles have a comprehensive appraisal performed by an independent specialized evaluator and the history of all the maintenance works and repairs.

  • You have the certainty of an accurate mileage and precise record of the vehicle’s technical state, available in the service booklet of the car
  • You dispose of a vehicle with no hidden damages, with technical interventions and repairs closely tracked
  • You have the certainty of performing all the maintenance works recommended by the vehicle constructors
  • You have the evaluation certificate from an independent appraisal entity
  • You benefit from the experience of the ALD Automotive group, one of the European leaders of the vehicle fleet full service operational leasing market

Access the platform ALD Carmarket and register to see our offer of available vehicles!

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