Insurance and damage management

Always safe with a complete insurance package

Together with our specialised suppliers, we provide a complete insurance package. Be it the Third Party Liability (TPL), the Green Card policy or the insurance policy for the driver and transported persons, we take care of all the events that might occur and that involve the vehicle or driver.

What does ALD Automotive do?

  • Manages the insurance policies: issue, renewal, delivery
  • Provides support for drivers during the filing of damage claims
  • Tracks the status of vehicle repairs
  • Manages the invoices covering the vehicle repairs

What are the customer benefits?

  • Saving time, by outsourcing the insurance policy management activity
  • The insurance premiums are included in the fixed monthly rates, without any additional cost for you
  • Support for drivers in filing damage claims
  • Timeliness in performing the repairs, following accidents, due to the agreements concluded by ALD Automotive with suppliers.
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