ALD Electric

What is ALD Electric? Is the first operational leasing product in Romania designed for full electric and plug in hybrid vehicles, which includes advantageous deals for the models available on our market. ALD Electric proposes a change: to get out of your comfort zone and to drive eco friendly and economical cars.

How does it work?

ALD Automotive finances the use of vehicles and manages a full range of services concerning the vehicle flee. Moreover, you can add a charging station included in the monthly leasing rate.

What are the benefits of  ALD Electric?

  • The benefits of a vehicle leasing agreement: 0% advance payment, monthly fixed instalments, a sole supplier for all services, support for fleet management, 24 / 7 mobility solutions.

  • Mobility bonus: conventional relief vehicle for 20 days/year for road trips, business travels or longer voyages, in areas where there is no charging stations good infrastructure

  • Charging station: the cost is included in the leasing rate

  • Charge station assembly: it is carried out at the customer's headquarters by the partner agreed by ALD Automotive for this type of service.


Call Center
+40 21 301 49 59