Tires management

Whether summer or winter, with us you’re driving safe, regardless of the season

Whether you are at the first change of tires or are simply changing the tires for the season, we make sure that the process is simple and fast. And because your safety is one of our priorities, your vehicles will always be equipped with premium tires unless you choose otherwise.

What does ALD Automotive do through the its partners?

  • We purchase the winter and summer tires, included in the contract
  • We store the tires in the case of seasonal change
  • We manage the disassembly, reassembly, balancing of wheels and vulcanisation in case of tire failure
  • We ensure the logistic support for invoice management: centralisation, control, payment

What are the customer benefits?

  • Permanent support for the seasonal change of tires
  • The possibility of taking over the tires upon the agreement termination, free of charge
  • A greater level of safety for users, by equipping the vehicles with premium tires
  • A wide network of accepted repair shops in Romania, for performing the operations related to the change of tires.
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