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ALD Automotive launches flexible mobility solution: ALD Flex

ALD Automotive launches flexible mobility solution: ALD Flex

ALD Automotive is pleased to announce the launch of ALD Flex, a flexible mobility solution with the advantages of fully serviced vehicles and on demand availability, to help corporate fleet managers address their short and medium-term mobility needs.

Simple and cost-effective, ALD Flex provides an all-inclusive vehicle offering (full maintenance, insurance, tires, breakdown assistance…) for short and mid-term usage, ranging from 1 to 24 months on average, at an optimal set monthly rate. A broad series of vehicle categories, from compact cars to light utility vehicles, is available for use and can be selected by budget, category, type of transmission and powertrain. Additional flexibility allows contracts to be ended after just 1 month, at no early return costs.

Flexible mobility solutions are a valuable option for fleet managers when faced with managing shorter-term mobility requirements like temporary projects, probation periods for new employees or seasonal peaks. They are also an effective way to introduce new types of mobility, like hybrids.

“The current context requires a broader flexibility regarding the mobility solutions, which must support the companies’ long-term strategies, but also offer fleet managers the opportunity of diversifying their mobility strategy. From this perspective, we can say that ALD Flex is truly an all-in-one offering, as it covers all the needs of the auto fleet, by choosing a single provider, while at the same time optimizing the total cost of mobility by maximizing vehicle usage as needed. ALD Automotive will continue to combine innovative solutions with digital technology, in order to provide fleet managers the most advanced mobility products”, says Shane Dowling, CEO ALD Automotive Romania.


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