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Volvo launches the new operational leasing “White Label” in partnership with ALD Automotive

Volvo launches the new operational leasing “White Label” in partnership with ALD Automotive
  • The main benefits for the customers are greater mobility, time savings and optimisation of operational costs

Bucharest, 06/12/2018 – Volvo Cars and ALD Automotive are entering into partnership and are launching a premium operational leasing product called White Label”*, Volvo Car Financial Services targeting especially small and medium-sized companies and liberal professions, but also companies owning extensive car fleets who want full management services. The product is available with all 5 authorised Volvo Cars dealers.

The main benefits for the Volvo Cars customers provided by the new product are greater mobility, time savings and optimisation of the total cost of ownership (TCO). In addition, they pay a single monthly instalment that includes all the services and will benefit from the simplicity in managing the expenses corresponding to the car fleet. Also, the operational leasing rate is fully deductible under the conditions laid down in the Fiscal Code.

The range of services that can be provided through Volvo Car Financial Services includes full vehicle maintenance with original Volvo parts, delivery and registration, vignette, full insurance package, tire management, 24/7 roadside assistance, replacement vehicle, door to door service and fuel card.

“By including the new operational leasing product in the Volvo Cars portfolio, in partnership with ALD Automotive, our customers will get the vehicle, its financing and a full range of services. Since Volvo Car Financial Services is a highly effective product in terms of mobility and cost savings, we expect that, in the first year from launching the solution, a large part of our customers will access its benefits.”, declared Ionuț Lupu, Executive Director EIT – Forum Auto, Volvo Cars Importer in Romania.

“We are delighted to launch this type of program in Romania together with Volvo, because it is in line with our strategy to develop the operational leasing product to the local companies across the country. The partnership with Volvo is a traditional one at the level of the ALD Automotive Group, which has been working for a long time with very good results in other countries as well. That is why we have also set out its implementation on the local market in order to provide our local customers with an integrated and extremely easy solution. They now have in a one stop shop a premium product in which Volvo is involved as a manufacturer and as a retailer, and ALD Automotive as an operational leasing services provider.” Cătălin Olteanu, Commercial Director, ALD Automotive Romania.

The full financing solution through operational leasing with the included services provides the customers the possibility to have any Volvo model with 0% advance for a period between 12 to 57 months.

*The term “White Label” denotes a product or a service made by a company and provided to another company to be communicated and sold on its own behalf. However, the basic service remains in the performance of the manufacturing company, which is still delegated to ensure its full-function.



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